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NEW DVD to be released in August, 2008.


Nishioka Sensei will join the EJF gasshuku in Madrid, August 2008.




Report of the 3rd annual Sei Ryu Kai Gasshuku. Click here.

Read about Addo and Vibo's trip to the home of SMR Jodo in Kyushu.

CLICK HERE FOR UPCOMING SEMINARS (4th SRK Gasshuku May 2008, EJF Gasshuku Mardid August 2008, 11th IJF Gasshuku 2009)

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Recent Photos

29th December 07, winter practice at the Bunbukan Dojo, Tokyo.

22nd to 24th June. Seminar at Zanshin Madrid dojo.

13th to 17th May. 3rd annual Sei Ryu Kai Gasshuku. Report here.